Silay City Folk Dances


Alcamfor is a dance that features a girl's handkerchief that is supposedly scented with alkampor or naphtalene balls. The dance is also called Pandanggo han Panyo. Pieces of clothing (dainty handkerchiefs or scarves included) were kept inside wooden boxes in the olden days. Often, two to three balls of alkampor were placed inside these boxes to keep rats away or to prevent the clothings from smelling like tuum, with the pungent-aromatic smell it leaves on the clothing. Wearing clothes with strong alkampor smell is thought to be a "head turner", especially with the "romance inducing" powers of the alkampor, according to superstition.


Balitaw is a song that is usually a topical debate genre performed between a male and female. The original form is believed to be derived from pre-Hispanic courtship genres. In the Visayas, Balitaw is both a song and dance that uses lyrics which are ideally humorous and performed spontaneously to a preconceived theme, similar in ways to Calypso singing on Trinidad. However, most balitaw nowadays are sung to with a memorized verse using a standard melody and chord progression. Musically, the balitaw has evolved over time, incorporating melodic variants; even popular melodies can be substituted for traditional melodies in performance.

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