11-Point Agenda

It is a basic tenet of democracy that government is one of the people, by the people, and for the people. On this premise is based the democratic principle that government must work for the greatest good for the greatest number.

There are outward signs that Silay City has made considerable growth over the years. But these indicators can only beg the question: Has this growth improved the lot of the great majority of Silaynons?

It is our belief that whatever growth and progress the city works for must have equitable human development as its ultimate goal, and whatever economic growth Silay makes, should be viewed from and measured on their lasting effect on the basic unit of the city's society—the Silaynon family.

After a thorough study of Silay City’s rapidly changing socio-economic profile, we have seen the need to reconfigure the traditional mode of production in order to achieve a balanced and sustainable growth ratio between the rural and urban areas. In view of this, we have drafted an 11-point agenda called the “Asenso Silay, Asenso sang Panimalay Program” designed to jumpstart the city’s development process.

The “Asenso Silay, Asenso sang Panimalay” program is envisioned to make profound changes for the better in the lives of Silaynons.

However, our dream of a prosperous Silay cannot be realized if we continue to be a house divided. We are all Silaynons; the benefits of progress belong to each and every one of us, regardless of creed, social and economic standing, or political beliefs and affiliation.

Let us, therefore, reject discord and work together in harmony, and with the grace and guidance of the Almighty, we will bring Silay to greater heights of prosperity.

- Hon. Mayor Mark Andrew Arthur Jison Golez